Friday, December 11, 2009

To Ms Goh With Love

Let me just say this:

I'm starting to reaaally love Clarins.

Face been feeling kinda blah the last few weeks, I decided to give higher end face care products a try. Bought the cottonseed cleanser and chamomile toner sometime last week, and came back with 2 samples tubes of moisturizer. It boggles the mind how a mere 5ml tube can be worth more than RM10.

I came back for the moisturizer and serum today. I'm a happy camper because this second time around, I was served by another Clarins salesperson and she was generous giler with the samples. So now I have cute little boxes of exfoliator, sun block, facial lift, 2 more moisturizer samples, and a small toiletries bag!

(Free) Gifts! The child in me rejoices.

The Clarins experience is working out great so far, skin tone gets even and well hydrated, except I find random zits appearing. Let's hope it will pan out in due time.