Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 8, Day 2: The Dress

Mom and I were both in KL last week to check out bridal boutiques. I have been doing my research via Malaysia Brides forum and after checking various boutiques' portfolios, I have decided to make White & Lacy my preferred boutique for my made to measure wedding dress. The handwork is exquisite and they specialize in lace dresses, and I want a lacy wedding dress, with sleeves since it's a church wedding. In my early internet research, scouring for dress ideas, the image below featured in Style Me Pretty was among the first images that I saw and I LOVED it. What's not to like? Dreamy, romantic. Sigh.

We had an appointment with Paulynn, White & Lacy's designer and owner on Thursday, but just before the appointment, I dragged mom to The Wedding Boutique in The Curve (we were staying at the Royale Bintang Damansara) just to get a few ideas. The girls there were trying to be helpful but they were young, probably teenagers still. I was informed that they have a promotion running where you can rent two dresses for RM 1K. The dresses there felt a bit sad and unloved though.

Then we left for W&L. The area is very unassuming and a bit run down, but at closer look you can see the signboard for the boutique. Going up the stairs I had to smile because the walls were painted lavender (my favourite colour). We went in and met Paulynn and she is amazing with 20+ years of experience under her belt. She sat down to business, took a good look at my body type and started drawing designs. Since she is mostly custom making dresses, she didnt really have a selection of dresses to try on. The figure she quoted us was much higher than my budget (then again, on hindsight I really underestimated my custom made dress budget), but we went for it. My mom also picked out for me the off-white vintage, French lace (I love it too, but much more expensive T.T).

Bottom line, I don't regret going zeroing in on White & Lacy. Even though I didn't get to go to a lot of different boutiques to find The Dress. All in all, it only took us an hour to decide and have my measurements taken. My first fitting is end of April. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.


van said...

whee dress sounds pretty! good call la. dont settle for hand me downs. n blog's alive n kicking again! good to hear u sounding excited :)

Dappy said...

hi van, yep! i am excited! the dress will be so me.