Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 8, Day 2: Flowers

Mom and I spent the whole of last Friday at the KL city centre area. In the morning we went to check out the florist recommended by Aunty Judy who can do wholesale. The company's name is Weng Hoa Flowers (go check their website) and it's situated at the Petaling Street area at Jln Hang Lekir. It felt like flower heaven and the prices are so much cheaper than what they sell in Bintulu.

It was really useful to be able to gather inspiration and to see what was available locally. Peonies and hydrangeas are very beautiful, but the problem is that not only peonies are not in season in July, they are expensive and wouldn't last long in our hot weather. As I was looking around Weng Hoa, I initially decided on pink mums cos they were cheap, fluffy, romantic and fitted the image I had in mind. Until I saw the eustomas hybrid that is. I want those! They were so beautiful they made my heart stop. The pictures are with mom so hopefully she'll upload soon. They kinda looked like this:

They only cost about RM38 for 8 stalks. Gorgeous! After that I just mucked about while mom continue to search about for table centrepieces ideas.

About the nitty gritty details, we were informed that they can send to Sarawak either via an associate florist (more expensive, but dont have to worry about legal aspects) or we can get the import permit ourselves and have the flowers freight forwarded. The best is of course if we have people to do pick up before they fly for the wedding. We have until May/June to decide.


saynsayn said...

Daph, u make wedding planning sounds so FUN! excited for you!

daph said...

Hehe. Fun but need a lot of energy and motivation. I want to rilek2 but cannot.

nqis said...

nice blog bro. Share some idea at my Rumah Panjai Blogging. so u doin a wedding plan