Monday, May 09, 2011

Week 18, Day 2

Today is 9th May 2011. My mom was borned 50 years ago today to Patrick Insol & Cecelia Jeburi. When I grow up and I become a wife and a mother myself, I want to be like my mom. I hope I can age as gracefully as her. She sometimes makes my ears red from the lectures only a mother can deliver, but, I know all that she does, she does it for my greater good. Happy birthday, Mom!

Today being 9th May 2011, also signifies that my wedding day is exactly 2 months away. There was a period of time when I felt sick to my stomach with the thought of things that are yet to be done, so much so that I refuse to hear ANYTHING about wedding planning at night after work. I felt like the last thing we need after a day's work is more talk of wedding work. My significant other knows this and to avoid the blah-ness, we dont talk about wedding when we Skype each night, leaving wedding matters to the morning before going off to work. Works like a charm for both of us.

Everything is falling into place nicely now. Even if some of the things deviated from my original master plan of Wedding Perfection where every single thing is a wowzer and a showstopper, I am resigned to the fact that perfectly orchestrated details, or lack of them would hardly cause a stir on my wedding day. Once I realized I should just do what I can with the limited time and money, I breathe easier.

With 2 months left, we have accomplished a lot, but also have yet to do a lot. Mom and I are going to KL again this weekend, for my first dress fitting. Will update soon with pictures!

Happy Monday!